The Terrifying Truth behind Appletec LTD

Appletec & Aaron Applebaum

The Israeli company Appletec LTD has been funding extreme-orthodox organizations, which use racism and terrorism against other spiritual groups who possess different beliefs.
Appletec LTD is a tech-company, and overall it seems as a legitimate company, but Aaron Applebaum who heads the company is funneling Appletec LTD funds to the extreme organization “Yad L’Achim“, and to its so-called legitimate extension “The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults”. By doing that, the company is supporting the non-legitimate and violent acts of the extreme orthodox organizations mentioned above.

The truth behind the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults

The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults (ICVC) is well-known in Israel for its activities against multiple religious and spiritual movements that are depicted as dangerous cults. Allegedly, it seems that this is a non-profit organization with no affiliation to any religious movements, but reality proves otherwise. The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults is nothing but an extension of the ultra-Orthodox organization “Yad L’Achim“, an organization that espouses racism and religious intolerance.

Yad LAchim Logo

On September 1st 2018, the Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) published a detailed report, describing the lacking of professional conduct in the ICVC and the connection with “Yad L’Achim” organization.

As stated in the HRWF report: “The anti-cult organization ICVC is closely connected to the ultra-orthodox Jewish association Yad L’Achim that is in a power struggle with other movements inside Judaism in Israel. Yad L’Achim uses the ICVC as a ‘secular arm’ that it has indirectly financed and in which it has injected staff from its own ranks”.

For more information About Yad L’Achim

the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults is led by an extreme orthodox woman named Rachel Lichtenstein, who formerly worked for Yad L’Achim, where she acted against missionary activity in Israel. In the past years, several missionary movements filed multipole harassment complaints against “Yad L’Achim”. In these cases, Yad L’Achim were accused of various acts of violence against missionary followers: from using both physical and verbal assults (threating their lives) to burning a missionary car.

Yad L’Achim has also gotten Messianic believers fired on grounds of their faith (For example, “Petah Tikva Municipality Unlawfully Dismissed an Active Mission”. Globes, August 26, 2005)

Liechtenstein is rejecting the existence of any connection between the two organizations, despite the fact that for at least the first two years of the organization, the majority of the workforce at the ICVC consisted of contemporary and former activists at “Yad L’Achim”. In an interview she gave to the Jerusalem Post, she claimed that the reason she left “Yad L’Achim” was because they did not agree to intervene when it comes to Haredi cults. Despite her attempts to conceal the connection between the two organizations, it is clear to all that these organizations are working hand in hand.

Who are “Yad L’Achim”?

the ICVC may claim to be secular, Behind the scenes there’s another movement that in fact at the helm: an extremist orthodox movement named “Yad L’Achim”.

The extreme orthodox movement was formed in 1950 by Rabbi Shalom Dov Lipschitz, and their stated goal is bringing back Jews from other Jewish groups to ‘orthodoxy’, to integrate Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union in their movement, as stated on official website: “to help new immigrants adjust to the newly born country and to help them find a suitable religious framework”.

Another major goal of them is to fight against non-Jewish religious and spiritual groups proselytizing among Jews, specifically missionary movements.

“Yad L’Achim” is also strongly against marriages of Jewish with non-Jewish, and are not afraid to reveal racist views, as we can see in the following quote regarding assimilation: “Though it was once thought that this could not be a problem in a Jewish country, not even for the secular, the tragic facts show an increasing number of Jewish girls getting involved with foreign workers and, even more so, with Arab men.”

During the last decade, “Yad L’Achim” has been mentioned in the “International Religious Freedom Report” on Israel, reports that are being issued annually by the U.S. Department of State, alongside Lehava, an extremist organization based in Israel. as we see from the following quotation from the 2016 report, these organizations strictly oppose Jewish assimilation, objecting to personal relationships between Jews and non-Jews:

“Those perceived as attempting to proselytize Jews faced harassment by the anti-assimilation groups Lehava and Yad L’Achim. In June hundreds of demonstrators organized by Yad L’Achim gathered outside a hall in Rishon Lezion where Jehovah’s Witnesses had scheduled a “Bible lecture,” preventing many participants from entering the premises”.

Where does the money come from?

The extreme organizations funding sources vary, but Aaron Applebaum, an Israeli businessman and multi-millionaire, is one of the most prominent. Applebaum is providing both financial and organizational support to Yad L’Achim and its secular branch, the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults.

Aaron Applebaum supports all Internet activities, field activists, fundraising, training activists for both centers and even giving interviews to different news channels.

Applebaum is the owner of multiple companies, one of which is Appletec LTD, a tech-company which focuses on optics and electronics. The company has many business connections with international and local companies, some of which are well known (Mitsubishi). By having business relations with Appletec LTD, the following companies are supporting ultra-orthodox terror acts against both religious and spiritual movements, conducted by “Yad L’Achim” and the ICVC:

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Aaron Applebaum is an Israeli businessman and multi-millionaire. Using one of his companies, Appeltec ltd, Applebaum is funding the ultra-orthodox organization "Yad L'Achim" and its so-called legitimate extension "The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults" (ICVC). These organizations are acting against religious and spiritual movements that don't fall in line with orthodox Judaism. the past few years.  Yad L'Achim were accused in various acts of violence and harassment against missionary followers.