Aaron Applebaum Owner Of Appletec Ltd       The Truth


The person behind Appletec Aaron Applebaum

A quick search of the name "Aaron Applebaum" on google will present to you a legitimate Israeli businessman that is asking for a financial support because he's being wrongfully sued, but reality couldn't be further from the truth. Aaron Applebaum is an Israeli businessman and multi-millionaire who scams the public.


Applebaum is the owner of multiple companies, one of which is Appletec ltd.


Using his company profits, he is funneling money to "The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults" (ICVC), the so-called legitimate and religious extension of the ultra-orthodox organization "Yad L'Achim". Under a secular mask, the ICVC is acting against multiple religious and spiritual movements that are depicted by them as dangerous cults, only for not falling in line with the Orthodox.

"Yad L'Achim" and the ICVC are being funded by various source, but Aaron Applebaum is one of the most outstanding. Alongside with Rami Feller, an Ultra-Orthodox millionaire, Aaron Applebaum  takes advantage of his wealth and extensive network of connections in order to support "Yad L'Achim" organization in all its extensions (including the ICVC). Aaron Applebaum  is highly considered in Ultra-Orthodox circles, and many references on the Internet written by Supporters of the "Yad L'Achim" organization describe how Applebaum  supports and promotes the extreme organization activity.
Applebaum  support in "Yad L'Achim" and its secular branch, the ICVC, is being expressed in two major ways: financial and organizational. In the financial aspect, he is donating money to the extreme organizations. In the organizational aspect, Applebaum supports all Internet activities, field activists, fundraising. Moreover, he is training activists for both centers and even gives interviews to different news channels.

On the ICVC website and his official blog, Applebaum is asking for financial support from the public in order to continue his struggle against "dangerous cults". This is nothing but an attempt to raise more donations to the ICVC!
Here are a few examples for donations given to the ICVC by Appletec ltd and Applebaum:

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