About Appletec Ltd.

Appletec ltd is an Israeli tech-company which focuses on optics and electronics, owned by Aaron Applebaum. The company has business relations with international companies (mainly China and USA) and local companies, some of which are well known (Mitsubishi).
The company owner, Aaron Applebaum, if funneling the company profits to the "The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults" (ICVC). Operating under a secular appearance, the ICVC are acting against all non-orthodox spiritual groups and movements in Israel, depicted by them as cults. The ICVC is an extension of the ultra-orthodox organization Yad L'Achim, an organization whose goal is to fight against non-Jewish religious and spiritual groups proselytizing among Jews, specifically missionary movements.


Supporting Extreme Terror Groups  

Companies that have business connections with Appletech LTD, are unknowingly supporting the extreme ultra-orthodox terror and human rights violations acts against religious and spiritual movements, conducted by the ICVC and "Yad L'Achim".


Should I engage business relations with Appletec ltd?

Absolutely no! Appletec ltd is funneling money to the ICVC, the secular and so-called legitimate extension of "Yad L'Achim", the extreme-orthodox organization. By doing that, Appletec ltd is encouraging and supporting human rights violations, racism and religious intolerance actions, acted out by extremists such as Jack Teitel, American-born Israeli religious nationalist, convicted for killing two people in 2009.

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