Minglida Group of Companies (MLD)

Description Die casting up to 80X80cm, 15Kg metal extrusion. plastic injection up to 40X40cm. Materials plastic: PP, PC, PE, ABS, PA. Die Casting: Aluminum (ADC12, ADC10, A413, etc.); Zinc (Zn A3#, also Zn A5#, Zn A7# ). Factory: 14,000 m2, with more than 800 personnel and more than 100 different pieces of equipment in the plants, including high-speed and precision CNC … Read More

MDT – MultiDimension Technology

Description MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd (MDT) Manufactures a new class of magnetic Sensors using Tunneling Magneto Resistance (TMR) technology that is over ten times as sensitive as the most advanced current magnetic sensor. This new magnetic sensor opens up hundreds of new sensing applications in switching, linear and rotational applications for Medical, Energy, consumer, industrial, automotive, that were unfeasible to realize … Read More

MDI Power

Description MDI Power or Modular Devices Inc together with the subsidiary Power Mod, manufactures space, satellite and aircraft qualified power conversion products. Featuring a “one stop shop” incorporating everything from the physical PCB manufacturing to the final test reports for RAD Hard product that can function all the way down to -195c. MDI is the supplier for power product that simply … Read More

LS Mtron

Description LS Mtron is one of the worlds largest manufactures of Ultracapacitor cells and Modules. Located in Korea and part of the LG group LS Mtron is a tier one supplier to Siemens, Hafo and many other manufactures of products requiring very high energy storage at a cost efficient price. LS Mtron Ultracapacitors are widely used in backup UPS systems, Electric … Read More


Description Lasfiberio located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China manufactures high power Multi Mode combiners, Nx1 Pump combiners 50W/Leg up to 19 legs, (N+1)x1 Pump and signal combiners 25-100W/leg depending on core Diam and (N+1)x1 Pump, PM signal combiners 80W/leg, Nx1 Laser combiners and high power, Endcapped fiber cables complying with QBH or SMAQ Market Industrial Optics Website www.lasfiberio-cn.com


Description Lasence manufactures laser pointers for medical, commercial and Laser aiming applications. Wavelengths are between 515 to 1550nm and output power between 1-500mW. Product can be supplied with or without drivers and CW or pulse mode and the output can be configured as a point ,cross, ring or line. Operating temperatures are between +50-30c . Market Industrial Optics Website www.lasence.com


Description Linear and switching adaptors, wall mount and desktop. Suited for operation in U.S.A., Canada, Japan, China, Europe, U.K., Australia, and Israel. Most products meet Energy Star requirements. Output power: 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W, 35W, 55W, and 80W. V out 3.3V to 48V, custom models available. Multiple, output, tailored voltage per spec, customer-defined connector. Battery charger per spec.   Market Power Supplies … Read More

IX Blue

Description Specialty fibers, active double-clad fibers: Erbium, Ytterbium, Neodyme, Thulium, Erbium/Ytterbium doped fibers, 6-25 core and 125-400 clad, PM and non-PM. PM fibers for gyroscope and sensor applications, photosensitive fiber for Bragg grating, passive fibers 6-25 core and 125-400 clad. Fiber Bragg gratings: broad-band filters, sensors, mirrors for fiber lasers, laser diode stabilizer. Market Industrial Optics Product Specialty fiber and FBGs Website www.ixblue.com

Glary Power Technology

Description Description Glary power Technology from Taiwan is a manufacture of DC/DC telecom and Defense converters starting from 2KW full brick size and down to 1/64 : 0.81″ X 0.81″ brick size. In addition they manufacture a series of high operating temperature -60c to +130c and high pressure rating (up to 100Bar) converters. With several topology patents the company offers high … Read More


Description Interconnects: fiber patchcords, pigtails, LC, FC, SC, APC, MPO, patchcords, fanouts, custom patchcord assemblies, adaptors, hybrid adaptors, connectors, sleeves, loopback patchcords. FBT and PCL products: 1XN splitters, couplers, splitter modules, tree, star, custom, multimode and singlemode, mini pump WDM, attenuators, fixed, adaptor and in-line type, mechanical variable attenuators. WDM products: CWDM 100G spacing, CWDM add/drop module, DWDM add/drop module, high-isolation … Read More