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Galia Ginerman (formerly Galia Alon) is the Internal Auditor of The Israeli Center for Cult Victims.

The fascinating process of radicalization of a talented photographer who has become extremist.

Lia (Avigail) Ginerman (formerly Galia Alon) was an average person who earned her living as a photographer. Her friends say she has always been very confused about her sexuality, political opinions, and her place in life. They say she would have moved from one radical change to another without any real stability in her life, which eventually turned her way toward religious conversion and fanaticism.

Her friends say she has always been very confused about her sexuality, political opinions, and her place in life. They say she would have moved from one radical change to another without any real stability in her life, which eventually turned her way toward religious conversion and fanaticism.

She became a member of Yad L’Achim organization and became a significant and extreme member of this organization – where she is responsible for the issue of religious conversion, dealing with the homosexuals and lesbians sector.
A few years ago she was appointed as internal auditor at The Israeli Center for Cult Victims, the secular branch of Yad L’Achim organization.



After her conversion process – and her connection to Toldos Aharon Yeshiva – Galia moved from one extreme to the other and began missionary work as a repentant.
Together with Daniel Ginerman, she establishes the “Shftei HaMabashar” association and the Bat-Israel ultra-Orthodox center.
In Bat Israel she works tirelessly to initiate meetings of religious conversion for women, bordering on the activities of a cult.
Over the years, many complaints have been filed against Ginerman and her husband following their activity in Bat Israel cult.

The radicalization of Galia Ginerman as a messianic extremist

In her secular past, Galia Ginerman was active in the radical left-wing Rakah movement, and for a while she had a romantic relationship with a Palestinian poet who no longer lives today.
As part of her radicalization, She is perceived as a messianic Jew, an enthusiastic supporter of the Lehava organization and Rabbi Kahane.

galia ginerman

Ginerman and her hatred of others

Galia Ginerman, the internal auditor of the Israel Center for Victims of Cults and a senior member of Yad La’achim organization, holds an animosity for the other.

She defines herself as a maker of potions against the evil eye. She acts furiously against any organization that does not hold her views. Her blatant hatred of LGBT organizations (gays, lesbians, transgenders) is evident, and Galia Ginerman openly shows her severe dislike of these organizations. This behavior is very puzzling considering her rich past in this field.

LGBT community

She is the internal auditor of The Israeli Center for Cult Victims, and a senior member of Yad La’achim organization.

She is persecuting any organization that does not agree with her views and defines it as a cult. She is known for her great animosity for the other.

The salary of Galia Ginerman who works in The Israeli Center for Cult Victims is paid by Rami Feller via his company Rampal.

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