Description Optowide is a four year old optics company with almost forty years of experience. Located in Fuzhou China and focusing on molded glass aspheric lenses, advanced coating technologies , high power fiber components and high precision micro optics manufacturing. The company has world class expertise providing it with the ability to manufacture the highest quality and performance custom optics at … Read More


Description Omniradar builds a One-Chip-Radar, where the complete radar including antennas and Analog-to-Digital conversion are integrated on one piece of silicon for the 60 GHz frequency band. The IC allows multiple functions to be programmed, including the delivery of analog or digital (I/Q) baseband signals. The design does not require any difficult RF/microwave board design, just simple low-frequency components using standard … Read More


Description Plastic parts production, Asian inspection services for metal and plastic production, plastic mold production. Market Mechanical Components Product China QA services Website www.obt-global.biz

Novel Power

Description Custom and military power supply solutions. 12 to 24 VDC 1kW fully MIL-STD 1275 certified, military supply for armored vehicles. Market Power Supplies Product AC/DC supplies, open frame and COTS mil Website www.novelpower.com


Description Transformers and chokes using a patented Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) technique for very high temperature operation up to and beyond 300°C. The components are able to withstand extreme shock and vibration for transportation, medical, aerospace and defense industries. The components are extremely low profile 2.5MM with an overall footprint of up to 10 X 10mm. Nascent technology lends itself … Read More

MoveonTechnologies Pte

Description MoveonTechnologies Pte Ltd Is an advanced plastics molding company located in Singapore. The company is a one-stop shop for optics, covering design, prototyping, and volume production. Moveon specializes in two processes Injection Molding and replication. Moveon can mold optical parts as small as 0.01 g and as large as 50g, attaining a PT of <0.1um & Ra <10nm.The company employs Single … Read More

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC)

Description Low-capacitance <0.6pF surge absorbers based on microgap technology. For power lines, communications lines, and for ESD. Leaded and SMT versions. Approved to UL STD1414, 1449, 497B, EN60065-2, EN60950-1, SM EMI filters for mobile computer and telecom equipment. EMI filters for DC power lines up to 2A. Wide temperature range Thermistors -40 + 150°C, flake temperature sensing resistors, SMD type temperature … Read More

Minglida Group of Companies (MLD)

Description Die casting up to 80X80cm, 15Kg metal extrusion. plastic injection up to 40X40cm. Materials plastic: PP, PC, PE, ABS, PA. Die Casting: Aluminum (ADC12, ADC10, A413, etc.); Zinc (Zn A3#, also Zn A5#, Zn A7# ). Factory: 14,000 m2, with more than 800 personnel and more than 100 different pieces of equipment in the plants, including high-speed and precision CNC … Read More

MDT – MultiDimension Technology

Description MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd (MDT) Manufactures a new class of magnetic Sensors using Tunneling Magneto Resistance (TMR) technology that is over ten times as sensitive as the most advanced current magnetic sensor. This new magnetic sensor opens up hundreds of new sensing applications in switching, linear and rotational applications for Medical, Energy, consumer, industrial, automotive, that were unfeasible to realize … Read More

MDI Power

Description MDI Power or Modular Devices Inc together with the subsidiary Power Mod, manufactures space, satellite and aircraft qualified power conversion products. Featuring a “one stop shop” incorporating everything from the physical PCB manufacturing to the final test reports for RAD Hard product that can function all the way down to -195c. MDI is the supplier for power product that simply … Read More