One of the top five manufactures of LEDS: Automotive Leds, Chip on board leds, Led Digital displays, UV and deep UV Leds, Optocouplers, Opto Triacs, SSR, IR detectors, IR receiver modules, Optical color/proximity sensors, Led digital displays, Product : Leds, optocouplers and sensors Website www.everlight.com


Optical modules: 1X9, SFF, SFP, SFP+, XFP, GBIC, Tosa, Bosa, BiDi, EPON, Multirate, commercial, and industrial temperature ratings. Data rates 10 Meg to 40G. Wavelengths 850 nm to 1610 nm, CWDM, DWDM. Distance 100m to 120+ km. Connectors: LC, SC, ST, FC, pigtail. Temperature 0-70°C, -40+85°C, extended, custom products per spec Website www.eoptolink.com

Elite Lasers

Elite Optoelectronics Technology from Xi’an China manufactures Industrial laser diode modules and DPSS laser compliant with FDA,IEC and GB standards. Wavelengths between 405-980nm. The main product is Industrial Green Laser Module with a temperature range of +50 -10c. Its compact size of ¢8 x 28mm and ¢10 x 30mm, and outstanding performance give it a technical/price advantage over than any … Read More


BKtel Photonics is an experienced manufacture of custom optical amplifiers and fiber lasers used in Telecom, Medical and Catv Applications. The company has years of experience in development and production manufacturing of optical amplifiers to customer spec and is capable of providing products from 570-1550nm and from 100mW to 100W Website www.bktel.com


Windows. Scintillation crystals: calcium fluoride, sapphire, EFG sapphire. Lenses: fused silica, BK7 glass or optical-grade sapphire, spherical, achromatic doublet, cylindrical, aspheric. Ball prisms: right angle retroreflector, roof Penta, dove, wedge, dispersing, anamorphic. Beamsplitters: plate, cube. Coatings and metallization: anti-reflective (single, dual, broadband wavelength), reflective (narrow, broadband HR), partially reflective, polarizing, a dichroic beamsplitter, metallic. Website www.accina.com

Kinetic Technologies & Appletec

Kinetic Technologies thinks globally while acting locally. Our regional sales offices, global operation sites and R&D centers enable us to address your specific supply chain management and product requirements worldwide. Kinetic Technologies is one of many appletec’s clients.

Led Engin & Appletec

LED Engin, an OSRAM business based in California’s Silicon Valley, develops, manufactures, and sells advanced LED emitters, optics and light engines to create uncompromised lighting experiences for a wide range of entertainment, architectural, general lighting and specialty applications. LuxiGenTM multi-die emitter and secondary lens combinations reliably deliver industry-leading flux density, upwards of 5000 quality lumens to a target, in a … Read More

Senko & Appletec

SENKO Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom & datacom industries worldwide. An ISO-9001 approved company, SENKO is able to provide multinational corporations with the technical expertise to liaise with engineers, and the manufacturing flexibility to develop custom products for the ever growing high tech industry. Many of our products were created … Read More

Skeleton Technologies appletec’s clients

Skeleton Technologies brand values Ever since we first started developing our graphene-based ultracapacitors in 2009, we have been steadfast in our aim to change the energy storage industry. Today, our SkelCap ultracapacitors, based on patented “curved graphene” represent the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years. Skeleton Technologies is one of many appletec’s clients.

Winbond & appletec

Winbond was established in September 1987 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995 with headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan. Winbond is a specialty memory IC company engaged in design, manufacturing and sales services. From product design, research and development, and wafer fabrication to the marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele … Read More