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LED Engin, an OSRAM business based in California’s Silicon Valley, develops, manufactures, and sells advanced LED emitters, optics and light engines to create uncompromised lighting experiences for a wide range of entertainment, architectural, general lighting and specialty applications. LuxiGenTM multi-die emitter and secondary lens combinations reliably deliver industry-leading flux density, upwards of 5000 quality lumens to a target, in a wide spectrum of colors including whites, tunable whites, multi-color and UV LEDs in a unique patented compact ceramic package. Our LuxiTuneTM series of tunable white lighting modules leverage our LuxiGenTM emitters and lenses to deliver quality, control, freedom and high density tunable white light solutions for a broad range of new recessed and downlighting applications. The small size, yet remarkably powerful beam output and superior in-source color mixing, allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high-flux density, directional light is required. LED Engin is committed to providing products that conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse emissions; and reserves the right to make changes to improve performance without notice.

Led Engin

Led Engin is one of many appletec’s clients.


  1. Arthur Hines
    February 4, 2019

    I am sure that no one would like to support and cooperate with Yad L’Achim organization.

  2. Charlie Tate
    February 4, 2019

    I would be happy if you would contact me on this matter.

  3. Cordelia Pope
    February 4, 2019

    Teitel, who had immigrated to Israel confessed to planning and committing various acts of terrorism

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