LS Mtron

Description LS Mtron is one of the worlds largest manufactures of Ultracapacitor cells and Modules. Located in Korea and part of the LG group LS Mtron is a tier one supplier to Siemens, Hafo and many other manufactures of products requiring very high energy storage at a cost efficient price. LS Mtron Ultracapacitors are widely used in backup UPS systems, Electric busses, and heavy electrical machinery. The single cell product range is from 100-3400F and from 2.7-3VDC while the standard modules range from 500F@16Vdc to 160F @48Vdc . Standard operating temperature is -20c to 60c but extended temperature range of -20 to +75c is also available.

Market Passive Components

Product Highest high energy and power density ultracapacitors