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Appletec funds Jewish terror organizations with Israeli government money

Aaron Appelbaum is the owner of several companies, one of which is Appeltech LTD, an Israeli tech-company. Applebaum is funneling his company’s profits to ultra-orthodox organizations that carries out Jewish terror acts!!!!! One of the terrorists working for Yad L’Achim is the murderer Yaakov (Jack) Teitel.

Teitel has confessed to a string of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks:

  • Carrying out a pipe-bomb attack against Ze’ev Sternhell, an Israeli historian, political scientist, commentator on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and writer.
  • The murders of a Palestinian taxi driver and a West Bank shepherd in 1997.
  • A 2006 attempted bombing near the settlement of Eli.
  • Three bombings against police targets and a Christian monastery in 2007.
  • Sending a booby-trapped package that injured a teenage boy to the home of a Messianic Jewish family in Ariel.

In addition to Teitel’s confession, his DNA was found to match DNA retrieved from Sternhell’s home after the bombing attack. Teitel also confessed that he had planned to fly a remote-controlled toy plane containing explosives into the Tel Aviv gay pride parade, and that he planned a bombing against a gay bar in Jerusalem.

The company has business relations with international companies (mainly China and USA) and local companies, some of which are well known (Mitsubishi). One of Appletec’s costumers is no other than the Israeli government itself!!!

For example, only in 2011, one of Appletec subsidiary has received half a million Shekels from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services!! Can you believe it?? It means that Appletec is using the government money to fund Jewish terror against all non-orthodox organizations!!!

Another horrible terror attack acted by Yad L’Achim is the car burning of Eliav Levine, a Messianic Jewish leader, days after he changed his residence to avoid repeated harassments by ultra-orthodox men!!!

Two weeks before, Levine’s 11-years-old daughter was summoned to her principal’s office at school, where she was interrogated by a rabbi and two Yad L’Achim anti-missionary activists in regards to her family and the congregation they live in.

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