Description Power management ICs (voltage regulators): input voltage 3.6-18.5VDC output current 25mA – 3A, voltage detector. Watchdog timer: operating 0.7-10VDC, detector threshold accuracy 0.9-12VDC, supply currents 0.29uA-3.3uA, battery management ICs, USB high side. DC/DC converter step-up 500mA-1A, current limit for OLED and LCD panel, DC/DC converter step-down 600mA-3A, DC/DC dual step-up/step-down. Real-time clock, 4 wire for SPS interface, 3 wire for serial interface, and 2 wire for I2C bus, multiple PMU and white LED driver. PC interface: IEEE1394 controller series, ISB2.0 video interface, image processing LSI JPEG2000.

Market IC Components

Product Power Management IC’s, Voltage Regulator, LDO, LED drivers